Hint.Holler exists to encourage you to walk with the Holy Spirit and live fully alive in Christ, for the glory of the Father. It is an invitation to learn how to hear God's voice for yourself. Sometimes He hints and sometimes He hollers but God speaks to people today in personal and creative ways.


Hint.Holler offers encouragement in how to develop your relationship with God and live your everyday moments with the Holy Spirit. Here you will find a variety of studies that explore examples from Scripture of God speaking uniquely to individuals, combined with stories from ordinary people in our time. You will be encouraged to discover that you can hear from God too. 

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Join host Aimée Walker and guest Rachel Rodger on The Devoted Collective podcast as they discuss learning to be aware of the Holy Spirit’s constant presence and growing in our confidence and ability to discern what He is saying to us.

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A short series about how you can discern when God is speaking and how to inpterpret what you are receiving.

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A series exploring how God speaks to us in dreams and how we can learn to interpret them. Includes guest posts from dreamers today.

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A collection of articles that explore the why and how God speaks to us today  - and so what if He does?

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Listen to a conversation between Rachel and Wilma the Wordsmith on her podcast series "A Good Story Starts With..." We talk about a whole bunch of topics, including discipleship, women in leadership, knowing the Holy Spirit and... a coffee metaphor.

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Anchored by three core disciplines modelled in Acts 2:42—devotion to the Word, community, and prayer— Aimee Walker and The Devoted Collective seeks to help you experience the richness of all He intends for your life as you come to know God more intimately.

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Here you can find regular highlights and a heads up of any new posts coming your way. 


Covering a range of topics, these articles ​give you more to explore by digging

into the Scriptures and offering a fresh perspective relevant to your everyday life.