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"Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit."
- Galatians 5:25


hint.holler exists to encourage you to walk with the Holy Spirit and live fully alive in Christ, for the glory of the Father. It is an invitation to learn how to hear God's voice for yourself. Sometimes He hints and sometimes He hollers but God speaks to people today in personal and creative ways. You will be encouraged to discover that you can hear from God too.  

Don't miss out on the adventure that lies ahead when you live your everyday moments full of the Holy Spirit. hint.holler is a pause in the noise where you can find encouragement as you navigate your journey with Jesus. Learn to discern God's voice, keep in step with the Holy Spirit, and develop your prophetic gift. And if you need some personal one-on-one guidance check out Coaching With Rach for more.


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Coaching with Rach

I love to help people get unstuck and find a path forward into what God is calling them to do. My goal is to help you untangle your questions, find context and clarity, and learn some strategies for living a purposeful spirit-filled life.

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What you will find at hint.holler

You will find a variety of free resources that explore examples from Scripture of God speaking uniquely to individuals, combined with stories from ordinary people in our day. Below are the key themes you will find at hint.holler.

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The Word

of God

Discover the wonder of God's timeless words to us through Scripture and it's relevance today


Learn to discern

Grow spiritually mature in your ability to discern God's will and pursue God's call for your life.


Encounter Jesus

Discover how God has spoken to us through His Son and the awesomeness of the gospel

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Prophetic People

Learn how the Holy Spirit speaks to his people to spread the gospel and grow the church.

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Be filled with the Spirit

Discover how the Holy Spirit helps us know the Father and empowers us to live for Him




Discover the prophetic gifts and use them confidently to bless others

"If our gospel does not free the individual up for a unique life of spiritual adventure in living with God daily, we simply have not entered fully into the good news that Jesus brought." - Dallas Willard

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