My home of Dunedin is a city of hills. If you lace up your boots, zip up your jacket and toss a scarf around your neck, you can take a hike up any one of those mounds to find spectacular views in every direction. With a little bit of effort and the bravery of one who is willing to press on through five seasons in one hour (lets be honest, Dunedin has its own unique summer-chill factor), you can discover a fresh perspective when looking at your situation from a new angle.

I have my own hilltop I love to visit where I can linger and listen for what God is speaking. Viewing my world from above, both physically and spiritually, always gives me a new appreciation for the life I have and share with others. I also have a beach nearby which is just as windy, but reminds me of Psalm 29:3 - "The voice of the Lord is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the Lord thunders over the mighty waters." Hint.Holler was birthed out of a desire to hear God's voice and ​help others to do the same.

I have learned to live from a place of grace and now share what I have wrangled from the pages of scriptures, my own volumes of introverted scribbles and the wisdom of saints (some of them still alive) to offer some encouragement to those seeking to hear and follow our greatest hope - Jesus. 


I am a pastor, writer, and mum to three gorgeous girls with my husband Euan (who give me plenty of interesting experiences to inform the first two roles!). I believe everyone needs to be reassured God loves them and that He is constantly speaking, encouraging, strengthening, guiding, and cheering them on! 

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