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My beliefs

I have over twenty years of ministry experience, including many years serving in church leadership as an ordained pastor. As a Christian minister, I endeavour to nurture people’s spiritual health and relationship with a loving God.


The central theme of this website is how God reveals Himself to people and learning how we can hear and respond to Him. The views and opinions shared on this website are for educational purposes and are not intended to be a substitute for pastoral care in person or professional counselling.


I believe these practices are necessary for healthy spiritual growth and which I am personally committed to:  


  • Studying of the Scriptures in context and within a sound theological framework

  • Biblical living with other Christians who will learn and reason together with humility

  • Accountability to godly leadership which upholds truth and integrity in word and deed

  • Serving others with the gifts God has given us, not under obligation but willingly and joyfully

With regards to prophecy, I uphold the expectation that everyone is responsible for testing the words they receive and they do not have to accept anything that is not aligned with Scripture or is just a really dumb idea (1 John 4:1-2).


I agree with and affirm the Statement of Faith shared by Elim Church, NZ. 

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