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I have always loved a good adventure story and if I wasn't reading one I was writing one. Whether it is set in the neighborhood cul-de-sac or the deserts of Egypt, my stories are full of complex characters and thrilling plot twists mixed with a dash of humour for kids ages 8-15yrs.

Rachel's Novels

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The Memory Locket

Eight year old Lily spends her school days dreaming up schemes with her best friend Tasha until one day she discovers a mysterious locket that changes their friendship forever. When Lily is invited to tea with three unusual characters she discovers what friendship really means and what it costs to keep it real.


The Fires of Exildysia

12 yr old Ethan is avoiding his worst nightmare when it lands him in the front cover of a book - literally. As his world spirals out of control he must use all his wits and cunning to escape the perils of an ancient world, including gladiators, dictators and even alligators in this page turning adventure. 


The Hawking

Days after arriving at their new Host City of Peregal, fifteen year old Kyla discovers a world of secrets unseen to the natural eye. As ambitious building projects by Peregal's ruler Merth continue to grow, it seems the elusive Readers have been disappearing. When a tragedy delivers one of their ancient scrolls exposing powerful secrets into Kyla’s hands, an unknown enemy starts to tear her family apart. Forced to flee the city. Kyla forges untrustworthy alliances to cross dangerous terrain into the Fourth Kingdom where she uncovers the shocking truth. Now torn between two families, Kyla is challenged by greed, heartache, and the conflicting power of mercy. 

The Quest

The Quest for Jair's Ring


Mabelina's Madness

Mabelina is a smart, fun and sassy girl who loves the high life but lives the slow life. What starts off as an ordinary day trying to decide if its a decaf kind-of morning, or if she is going to need to go intravenous on the coffee, turns crazy when disaster strikes (decision made). In this triple-shot of fashion crimes, McGyver moments and celebrity name-dropping, you'll discover the funniest (mostly true) story you'll ever need on a flight to LA.

The Hawking