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Learning to discern how the Holy Spirit hints and hollers 

Join The Devoted Collective host Aimée Walker and guest Rachel Rodger as they discuss learning to be aware of the Holy Spirit’s constant presence and growing in our confidence and ability to discern what He is saying to us.  As much as we would like God to direct us through neon signs written in the sky, that’s not usually how He works. God’s heart is not simply to tell us what to do, but to impart His wisdom and to give us understanding so that we will be willing participants in the mission He has entrusted us with. 

A Good Story Starts With... A Coffee Metaphor

Listen to a conversation between Rachel and Wilma the Wordsmith on her podcast series "A Good Story Starts With..." We talk about a whole bunch of topics, including discipleship, women in leadership, knowing the Holy Spirit and... a coffee metaphor.


Prayer: When God Talks Back


Prayer is a two-way conversation; the disciples had an ability to discern the will of God by walking with the Holy Spirit and listening to Him in everyday moments. The activities they did, the decisions they made, the people they approached, were all directed by the Holy Spirit through prayer and faith. How can we do the same?

This message is from a sermon series on Prayer at Elim Church Dunedin.

Ressurection Power


Jesus' death and resurrection kickstarted a whole new way of living. Through the Holy Spirit, the resurrection power of the resurrected Jesus is now alive in us.

What happened and so what?

This message is from an Easter sermon series at Elim Church Dunedin.

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