For many years the idea of God speaking through dreams was the terriority of biblical prophets and dear old Joseph fleeing with his new bride and baby Jesus from an un-hinged king Herod. Yet, even today, many people are experiencing dreams and visions in the night that speak to them in significant ways.

I am always curious when the topic of dreams come up and someone pipes up, 'Oh, I get dreams all the time'. Some have learned how to discern God's voice through dreams and have such confidence in interpreting them, they know exactly how to act on them. For others it seems to be something they don't understand and are baffled as to what to do when they receive a dream. Others I know, have only ever had one or two dreams but they were so vivid they've changed their life.

It comes to no surprise to most people that God speaks through dreams, the bible is full of examples, but what if it was YOU God wanted to speak to through a night vision?

A few years ago, I was having a conversation with God about Him speaking to me in ways that I could not deny the detail. i.e. what He revealed to me could not possibly come from my own knowledge and had specific details that proved it was from him alone. He challenged me that one way to do that was to speak to me in my sleep, when I am not thinking, processing, eating (very distracting) or asking insecure questions.

The problem was, my own dreams were foiled by the fact that I have a history of poor sleep and an overactive imagination! I hesitated to put any confidence in images that passed through my mind - awake or asleep!

But since when has God been hindered by our problems?

His response?

'Will you dare to dream?'

I must have said yes, because since then not only have dreams become a more frequent way of God speaking to me, but also my children, and most often the dreams conveyed a message not for myself, but for others. Everybody wins!


You're invited to join this new conversation series 'Daring To Dream' which will explore how God speaks to us through dreams and what to do when He does.

'Will YOU dare to dream?'

If so, then lets begin.

Grab a pillow and go have a nap!




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