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Hearing from God is an act of grace from beginning to end. Nothing reminds me of this more than when he speaks through a prophetic dream. I have many of them…

so let me share my vigorous routine for getting dreams. Take notes because this is really important for any of you budding prophetic dreamers:

Dream works

Step 1: Brush your teeth. Oral hygiene doesn’t earn you favour with God, but it might with your spouse 😉

Step 2: Put your PJ’s on. You can do this as a prophetic act symbolizing you putting on the new self and being clothed in Christ, or you can just do it because it’s more comfortable than sleeping in your work clothes.

Step 3: Close your eyes, and keep them closed until you fall asleep. This is the most important step to receiving prophetic dreams, because it’s impossible to dream while you’re awake. If you do, it’s either an open vision or a hallucination and I haven’t experienced either so can’t really comment.

In other words, I don’t do jack to get a dream -- I just sleep (although to be fair I do have a solid 37 years experience in sleeping so that might count for something).

If you feel like you’ve never had a prophetic dream before, chill out! Just ask for them, and be expectant that he will give them, but realise that dream or no dream, you are one of God’s favourites, and he will speak to you in a variety of ways!

In fact, if you really want a practical step for getting dreams, here’s one: realise how loved you are! God’s only language is love, so try get drunk on love and see what happens!

You see, God speaks to us in our dreams purely because He likes us and because the Holy Spirit never sleeps and so has no reason to stop talking just cos we’re too tired to keep chatting.

My dreams are varied, some have been incredibly vivid and seemed to be obviously prophetic, whereas others have been fainter but still really encouraging. Others have been ambiguous, either in the message, or in the uncertainty of whether it’s a prophetic dream or just my own brain sorting through the images and themes of my day.

Living the dream

One of my dreams has been recurrent -- a dream of a massive tsunami. I first had this dream on Boxing Day 2005, exactly 1 year after the massive tsunami that hit parts of Asia killing hundreds of thousands of people. It was vivid and it was powerful, but I didn’t know what it meant. 6 months later I was in a prayer meeting, praying about something (as you do), and then God interrupted me with one of the clearest downloads I’ve ever had.

He said “That dream you had about the tsunami? Well let me tell you what it’s about. To the same degree that the natural tsunami caused destruction on Boxing Day 2004, I am sending a tsunami of my glory that will bring life.”

My heart already burned for revival before then, but from that moment on it was all I could think about. Approximately once or twice a year, I would have another tsunami dream that had a slightly different detail or element that revealed further insights into the revival God has prophesied over our nation.


My rules for prophetic dreams are basically the same as for normal awake prophecies:

  • I test them against Scripture

  • I only communicate them in a way that is encouraging and edifying

  • While I take them seriously, I don’t stake my whole life on a dream or a specific interpretation of that dream.

Probably the most vivid and personally impacting dream I have ever received, which causes my eyes to well up even now as I type this, was about 6 years ago. It was in the early stages of a personal reformation of my whole theological foundation and beliefs about who God is, and what He accomplished in Christ.

In this dream I saw someone that I loved really hurt someone else I equally love. I felt this blinding rage at the injustice this person had committed. But when I looked at the culprit, I felt nothing but compassion, and was incapable of doing anything to harm them no matter how much they deserved it. But still, the anger was so great that it needed to be expressed and manifested or I would explode.

In the dream, I said to God, "This is too much to handle".

As I began to wake up from the dream, I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me in a kind of half-asleep limbo.

He said: “The Father has allowed you to taste his wrath. This rage is how he feels about sin and injustice, yet He has compassion on his creation.

For the rest of the dream I had a conversation with the Holy Spirit as he asked me a series of questions and unpacked my theology of the Cross, suffering, and salvation. The revelation that came through that dream transformed my understanding and appreciation of the Trinity, which is now the topic of conversation in my new “Love Drunk” Facebook/Instagram account.

The dream finished with the Holy Spirit saying these exact words: "Every scourge [Jesus received] left a scar on the Father's heart."

That sentence is probably the clearest I have ever heard from God. They weren’t audible but I could literally see them being written on my heart. I felt pretty raw for a few days after that one!

LEGO, baths, and last night’s pizza

What I’ve learnt to do is to try and steward all my dreams, not just the ones I am certain are from God. The dreams I know or strongly believe are prophetic I usually share on Facebook or in a sermon. The ones I’m not so sure about I at least tell my wife and take note of any possible interpretations or prophetic implications.

As I’ve shared dreams, they have often been hugely encouraging to others and I’ve often had other dreamers say they recently dreamt something very similar.

In fact one of my favourite things to do when running prophetic workshops is to ask if anyone had a really random dream last night (the kind of dream they think has its origin in the pizza they ate for dinner) and then get someone else to interpret that dream as if it is 100% from God – the results have often been amazing and shown that God can speak through anyone and anything.

He can certainly plant images in our minds at night, but he can also take a pepperoni pizza and use the images that are conjured up by its ingredients to inspire an eager prophetic person to speak his heart through those images!

In fact, just yesterday my 3 year old son Israel said “Daddy I had a dream I was having a bath my all my friends and you while you were buying me Lego”. It’s the second dream he’s had of me buying him treats. And while it’s true that baths and treats are both normal pieces of a 3 year old’s life, I can’t help but see a picture of the gospel in there…the beloved Son sharing baptism with his friends, while his Father lavishes gifts on them all.

Dare to Dream

I pray that you may all dream in the Spirit, tonight and regularly, that you will feel loved and excited in your faith, and that we will all find ourselves continually caught up in the conversation of heaven.

And get your prophetic surfboards out, because a wave is coming…



* Dion has worked in pastoral ministry for 12 years, mostly with youth and young adults. He is passionate about seeing people encounter God in spirit and in truth, and helping them discover the endless freedom, joy, power, forgiveness, worth and love that is ours in Christ. He has recently moved to Tauranga, NZ with his wife Natasha and 3 year old son Israel, where he drinks coffee, plays video games, and hangs out at the beach.



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