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SARAH'S STORY: Even The Rocks Cry Out

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

In June 2017, I was completing a Masters's degree when I became really unwell and was later diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue.

PC: denys-nevozhai

The first time I vividly heard from God during this time was after I had paused my degree. After going home, I distinctly remember getting into bed and wrapping a big blanket around me. Right in that moment God said to me (reciting Matthew 11:28), "Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest”, followed by this feeling of embrace and comfort. This moment gave me so much peace, reassurance and a sense of permission to rest. In that moment, I knew God was with me, He was protecting me and I truly got to see and experience this God of comfort. After 7 months I returned to Dunedin to resume my Master's degree. At this time I was about 50% better, so I could manage but it was definitely not ideal.

Another key moment hearing from God was while I was attending Elim church one Sunday. During this time, worship had really changed for me as I had no energy to stand for the whole time of worship, let alone sing, but I was sitting there just taking it all in. This particular Sunday, one of the worship songs was “So Will I” by Hillsong. Essentially the song is about how even creation worships God, and as a result so should we. One line in particular said, “If the rocks cry out in silence, so will I”.

My friend who was beside me suddenly said to me “God told me to tell you that rocks crying out in silence is worship, so you don’t have to sing to me to worship me”. That really clicked for me – worship is not about singing (although singing is a great way to worship) but it is about your heart and desire to connect with God in the moment, whatever that looks like. A couple of months later, was our church's Student Camp weekend, which I sadly decided not to attend given my circumstances, but my brother Matt attended. One of the messages spoken that weekend was about hope, and how there is always hope in Jesus - so conversely, if there was an area in your life where you didn't have hope, they encouraged people to give those areas/concerns to God. My brother realised that we potentially had lost hope that I would fully recover and that chronic fatigue was something that I would have to continue to manage long-term. So he prayed for a full recovery. That same weekend, I was sitting in church and following his sermon, our pastor invited people to come up and get prayer for anything. While sitting in my chair, I was thinking to myself I know God heals and I want to be fully healed - not living at 50% and managing life. So I went up and a woman prayed for me. As she was praying I could feel healing within my body starting my from legs up to my head. And when it reached my head the tiredness was gone, the headaches stopped, and I knew in that moment I was completely healed.

From that weekend onwards, I have been completely healed!

I had people praying for healing for me throughout the 9 months when I had chronic fatigue. And I do not know why God chose to completely heal me that day, and not earlier - but I am so grateful regardless!




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