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There are many wonderful prayers or blessings in Scripture that we can regularly declare over our children. (For example, my husband prays the Benediction Prayer, based on Numbers 6:24-26, over our children every night). God recently reminded me that, in addition to these, we can trust the Holy Spirit to alert us to unique things to pray for at any time.

An example of this was when I was at a cafe and He highlighted a few verses to me from a daily Scripture reading which were clearly relevant to an ongoing conflict my daughter was dealing with at school. As I prayed through the specific truths He pointed out, I began to receive text messages from her describing yet another confrontation that had escalated. To my surprise, each successive text reported how she handled it with courage and wisdom.

Deeper than that, I knew this was a breakthrough we had been praying about for a long time.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that He is fully invested in their well-being and success, and we get to partner with Him in releasing every blessing on their life. Whether it is an accumulation of faithful prayer coverage or a critical moment, we can trust the Holy Spirit can provide the prayer strategy we need.


Pray from the Scriptures


Thank you for watching over our children’s coming and goings, even when we can’t be with them. Your Word is alive and always active, so show me your timeless truths that are relevant for this specific moment in time. Holy Spirit, sharpen my prayers with your knowledge and wisdom. Let our children know you are present in their everyday moments and become aware of you at work. Let their own hearts be sensitive to your prompting to keep them safe, to give them courage, and to direct them into the wonderful opportunities you have set before them.



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