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We all need help to learn to discern where God is leading us.  A spiritual coach can help you read the road map.

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What kind of coaching do I do?

I love to help people find a path forward into what God is calling them to do. My goal is to help you untangle your questions, find context and clarity, and learn some strategies for living a purposeful spirit-filled life. I can help you;

  • gain a fresh appreciation for the Word of God and it's relevance for you now

  • develop your relationship with the Holy Spirit

  • find clarity on your giftings and calling

  • discover strategies for growing competent in your area of ministry

  • process ministry experiences in order to stay true to the mission God called you to

  • learn to discern God's voice for yourself and develop your prophetic gift


Who is this for?

Anyone who is seeking to grow spiritually mature and would love a coach to help them develop in their unique ministry calling. I especially love to encourage young adults who are serving in church ministry positions and emerging prophetic voices. 

What can YOU expect?

My coaching sessions are relaxed and safe conversations for you to process your spiritual journey and ministry goals. They are led by you and the themes you want to explore and questions you have to ask. I can also offer you my personal insights from years of pastoring, bible teaching and ministry experiences to help you on your own journey.

Please note: These are not counselling or pastoral care sessions. I am not a qualified counsellor and do not offer this type of service. 


how long is each session?


Sessions are online for 1 hour. You can request one or more sessions as you need them. You might like to book them weekly, monthly or even spontaneously when something comes up that you want to work through - it's up to you! Contact me to discuss how much each session costs.

how do I sign up?

I offer a free 15-minute chat to discuss what kind of coaching you are seeking and if I can be a helpful part of your journey. If we sense God is encouraging you to explore more with me, we can arrange a suitable day and time for future sessions. 

Let's talk... 

They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them.

Luke 24:14-16

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Need a discipleship community? 

Anchored by three core disciplines modelled in Acts 2:42—devotion to the Word, community, and prayer— Aimee Walker, Em Tyler and The Devoted Collective seek to help you experience the richness of all He intends for your life as you come to know God more intimately.

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