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Clearing The Path

I have a friend who was an NZ ice curling champion which piqued my interest in the game. I discovered the goal is to deliver a rounded ‘stone’ as close to the target center as possible. Crucial to a successful game is the role of the sweeper. When playing on the ice, the sweeper runs ahead of the travelling stone brushing the ice vigorously, to reduce friction, clear loose debri, and prevent unwanted ‘curling’.

In the same way, our prayers for the next generation can help clear a path for them to draw near to Jesus and connect with Him. Looking ahead and being sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, we can intercept the enemy’s schemes, dismantle his lies, and push aside the shame and fear he would throw in their way. Sometimes I have also had to remove my own pride and prejudice from blocking their view.

We don’t need to fully comprehend their future calling in advance, we just need to focus on them finding themselves standing in the circle with Jesus. After all, the game of life is much more fun and thrilling when He is at the center of everything.


Pray from the Scriptures

Wonderful Jesus,

Thank you that our lives don’t have to be boring. Thank you that our children are designed for playfulness and joyful fun. We pray for their hearts to be filled with a desire for closeness with you and that they will discover how easy it is to approach you themselves. Remove any cultural myths that hinder them from seeing you. Shut down any attempts the enemy has to trip them up. Dismiss the deceptions and lies that are placed in front of them. Draw them to yourself so they will choose to seek you and follow you, all the days of their life.



"Prayers For a Generation invites you to stand in the gap by offering beautiful prayers and Scripture verses for you to personalise over the young people in your life, centered around the major issues that impact them such as identity, relationships, mental health, and faith."

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